Infrastructure and Technology

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in our nation. This growth presents us with tremendous opportunities to develop innovative infrastructure and technology solutions. As our city grows, I want it to be reflective of our values and lead the way for environmental design. Our city can grow without sacrificing what we all love about Seattle - our environment.

My Experience

When I moved to Wallingford, it only took me one time riding my bike to work on North 45th Street to realize it’s unsafe. Having lived in Wedgwood and Wallingford and having worked in the U-District, I have seen firsthand the many infrastructure and transportation issues facing our district.

My Priorities

It’s time to invest smartly in our city’s infrastructure. We need creative solutions and effective partnerships to tackle the big issues. Here’s how we’re going to do it:

  • Expanding the Reliability and Ridership of Metro & Increasing Wi-Fi Access for Riders: I would like to serve on the King County Regional Transit board and provide my experience to improve our strategic plan for transit. Specifically, looking to expand WiFi connectivity on our buses. This program has the potential to bring change to the everyday lives of bus riders by creating a more reliable and efficient public transportation system. We need to establish new and expand existing private-public partnerships to establish WiFi access on all of our buses. This would not only benefit the riders, but also increase ridership and reliability of buses.

  • Establishing Municipal Broadband: Access to the Internet is essential in today’s world. I will work to establish private-public partnerships to increase access to the Internet for all of our citizens. We need to deregulate broadband to increase competition, which will give more options for consumers. Seattle must take the lead in developing a municipal broadband network. Broadband for all will allow more people to work from home, reducing congestion on our roadways. Affordable Internet for all is crucial for our city’s success in the digital age.

  • Studying a Lid over I-5 to Create Safe Passage for Walking and Biking: Working to make a more efficient and productive I-5 is a top priority of mine. The construction of I-5 separated Seattle communities and disrupted pedestrian routes. Constructing a lid over I-5 would create a new public space that will lead to positive development, such as parks, performance spaces, and market centers. The lid will also create 14 acres of affordable housing (for more on the housing aspect of this priority, click here). Innovative construction projects such as the I-5 lid will make for a stronger Seattle.

  • Demanding Oversight on the "Move Seattle" Levy Funds: I support Mayor Murray's ballot initiative, recognizing the needs it addresses in our community. However, I am not satisfied with the accountability measures in place to minimize waste and ensure maximum efficiency. If we're going to pay more in taxes as a result of this initiative, we need to see results in our community. We need to increase the amount of street safety projects to ensure that the Fourth District's transportation and infrastructure needs are not overlooked. I will fight for oversight and accountability in improving our infrastructure and public transportation.

  • Impact fees: New development has put a lot of pressure on our aging infrastructure and the cost is unfairly burden by homeowners. Seattle has a strong spirit of community, and it's within that spirit that developers must contribute to help pay for the costs of street maintenance and neighborhood safety projects. Our city is growing and we can't leave the infrastructure to support it behind. 

  • Integrating our Data Sources: In the age of “Big Data,” as it’s often referred to, we have access to a great deal of information from a variety of sources. From Census data to real estate data, our data sources are quite extensive. Leaders in both the private and public sectors are recognizing the growing need to integrate data sources. As Seattle continues to grow and change, data integration will enable us to better understand our city and our neighbors. 

  • Increasing Collaboration Between Departments to Better Serve Neighborhoods: A lot of great ideas can happen through collaboration among city departments, as well as ensuring accountability on projects. Having served on the Wallingford Community Council, I have seen first hand how city departments sometimes operate in silos and great ideas can be left behind, or how frustrating it can be for neighborhoods and residents to feel like no one is communicating with each other. Improving communication among departments will be a top priority of mine as I would like to Chair the Seattle Public Utilities and Department of Neighborhoods committee.

  • Wi-Fi: The Future is Now: Improving our infrastructure shouldn't just end with our potholes. We can and must do better throughout our entire city. Wifi enabling our parks can allow for better activation of our most valued public spaces, and wi-fi enabling our infrastructure like our trash cans at parks, bus stops, and libraries can allow us to track in real-time when the trash cans are actually full and be more efficient. With so many technology companies in our city, let's leverage their expertise and create the public-private partnerships to have a 'smarter' and more responsive government. NPR did a great story on Porto, Portugal, in March 2015 highlighting their 'smart' city and how they're leading the way. I coincidentally went to Porto, Portugal, in December 2014 and have experienced firsthand the benefits of what is possible. I would like to chair the Public Safety, Civil Rights, and Technology Committee and get started on re-imagining what is possible within our district and in our city. 

Two Seattle Council members currently sit on the Regional Transit Committee that works to provide a strategic plan for public transportation. If elected, I would like to be a member of that committee to champion innovation and investment in infrastructure and public transportation. What are your thoughts? I want to hear your ideas, questions and experiences regarding infrastructure, transportation and technology. Let me know using our contact us page.